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Jiangxi Auko actively prepares for ISO9000 quality management system certification

     In order to further standardize the enterprise service process, effectively control the risk, improve the service quality, and form a standardized operation and standardized management mode, AUKO aims importing the ISO9000 quality management system from strategic perspective. It is expected to pass the ISO9000 system certification and obtain relevant certificates by mid-April.

      The company management and certification consultant are discussing the safety work、work process、site management and other matters.

       The certification consultant is conducting relevant certification training for production workers.

       Neo Zhong, General Manager of Auko, proposed to improve the problems existing in the production line, and asked the relevant departments to keep improving. Avoiding similar problems in the future and laying a solid foundation for the company's quality policy, strict objectives and continuous implementation.

Passing the ISO9000 quality management system certification means that Auko will adopt a well-structured quality management system to make the operation of Auko more effective and more efficient. 

Quality is the key to success in modern enterprise development. Through the ISO9000 quality management system certification, AUKO will provide complete and higher quality service system to convince further more markets.

        Auko will actively promote the industrial layout and focus on industrial development, independent innovation, and constantly enhance the brand image to provide customers with better service!


        shoulders the enterprise mission of manufacturing echo-friendly, healthy and recyclable furniture, consisting focusing on the original design and delivering our customer a healthy and convenient living way.
Beginning from year of 2012, AUKO penetrating in the research on polypropylene(echo-friendly material). Through innovative design, complete die making, and integrated production, AUKO developed various types of sofas, tables, chairs, etc…, made from polypropylene with the advantages of cost competitive, easy detachable and recyclable.
The products are exporting to more than 100 countries, such as America, Japan, Germany, Italy, Middle East countries…, and widely applied in garden, hotel, coffee bar, KTV, swimming pool, and bathing beach…


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