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Jiangxi AUKO Household Technology Co., Ltd belongs to Zhongshan Vikled Household Technology Co, Ltd, which located in  Shangyou Industry Park, GanZhou City, Jiangxi Province. Ganzhou City--the famous cradle of Hakka (A dialect), with a ascendant geographical location, perfect industrial chain and convenient transportation, it can east to Xiamen west to Shenzhen north can reach Shanghai. What's more, there is a Ganzhou port, the only inland port can directly go through the customs.


Our factory covers an area of 40,000 square meters, which includes an office building, a staff quarters and an activity center, six production workshops, and four warehouses. There are 17 of injection molding machines, which the largest tonnage is 1, 400 tons, and monthly production up to 30, 000 pieces. There are 5 administrators, 8 machine operators, 15 of QA/QC, 20 for packaging, 3 for warehouse management, 5 for logistics and transport.AUKO Household will strictly enforce the international management standards(ISO), with more complete software and hardware, more powerful service system and philosophy to meet your order needs.


People have been enjoy in the esthetic, warm and comfortable life that furniture bring while bothered by the problems of harmful substances, difficult maintenance and waste furniture recycling. Consumers have constantly pay for the high production and processing, product transportation and storage costs etc. At the same time, the problems of environment increasing destruction, resources can’t be renewable and no longer available resulted from extensive deforestation for furniture materials needed which are becoming more and more serious.Under the severe circumstances, we need to use new materials, new technology to replace the traditional process. People need to establish a new concept of consumption to eliminate the constant plundering of limited resources and make a contribution to our environment protection.


AUKO Household, it has been positioned as the eco-friendly manufacture and aspire to be a global brand leader since the brand was set up. In order to control the production cost, improve production efficiency, reduce the transportation or warehousing costs, and use the environmentally friendly recyclable resources, we strictly implement the KD/Detachable design concept in product development, select eco-friendly PP as the raw material and adopt the injection molding process. We aim to realize the KD/Detachable, environmentally friendly and recyclable product of each piece.



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